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((@ Skywalker- No worries. After the important test thingy, I would of went and did something fun. But that's just me and my hatred for important test thingies))

Ryan watched hopeless as the woman reached her hand out towards Samantha placing her cold fingertips upon Samantha's cheek. The woman was still smiling that enchanting smile. It felt like something was inside his head, pleading with him, begging him to follow. Almost like the woman was warning them that it was to dangerous to stay down here. Ryan didn't like this feeling, in fact this very feeling was enforcing his very dispicement for the house.

Then a loud bang came echoing through the room followed by a loud roar. The bang almost sounded like a gun shot but the roar didn't sound like anything human from what Ryan could tell.

"Please" the woman begged "He must not find you down here. You must follow me."

She opened the door and started walking up the stairs. This time Ryan wasn't enchanted by the beautiful woman, he was more afraid of what ever was down there with them. And staying to find out wasn't on his list of things to do.

"I definitely don't know about all of you. But seeing one ghost a day is enough for me." he said as he looked up the stairs seeing the woman continue to go up in a hurry. Quickly he walked up the stairs after her, hoping she was good forturne and not a bad one.

"Please, oh please. Let this be a way out" Ryan mumbled to himself as he climbed up the stairs.

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