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If Galen survives, then his sacrifice is completely invalidated, just like the appearance of Sith in post-Episode 6 EU invalidated the sacrifice of Anakin Skywalker.

What if Starkiller didn't die? What if Vader and Sidious thought he was dead at first, but realize later he really wasn't.
It is an intriguing idea, but I'd rather Vader and Sidious not look like any more of a pair of idiots than the EU has already made them.

how often do people not kill their enemies when they should have in movies? Like why did Mace Windu hesitate to kill Sidious to give Anakin enough time to react and save the Dark Lord? Why were the battle droids in TPM not opening fire on the surrendered Gungans, but instead are rounding them up as prisoners when Sidious ordered all of them to be wiped out before the battle started? Let's go one further.
No, let's not go one further. Just because people act stupid in one place doesn't excuse other people being stupid elsewhere. Besides, you're not proposing merely going one further. The examples which you cite from the movies are spur-of-the-moment decisions, while your case involves Darth Sidious deliberately keeping Galen alive for years.

Starkiller didn't kill the Emperor when he had the chance.
Galen never got a chance in the first place. The fact that Sidious jumps to his feet the second Galen's back is turned makes it clear that he was playing dead.

Maybe the Emperor had him tortured to make him suffer for all the problems Sidious was having with the Rebellion and that is the only reason the Emperor is keeping him alive is to get some satisfaction from it.
It fits with Palpy's character somewhat, but again, I like to think that he's a little smarter than that. Still, the overall idea of Galen being imprisoned would be salvageable if it ended with him being crushed like a bug by Sidious some time during the Dark Empire trilogy.

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