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I say that in all but dexterity Canderous is superior, with a great deal of proximity in intelligence and charisma.

For strength, there is no doubt Canderous has the edge. Look at the guy...

Dexterity - with the Mandalorian ideal of heavy armour and heavier weaponry, I would agree that Carth has a clear edge.

Constitution, well, again, Canderous = Mandalorian. And has his implants.

For intelligence, while Carth may be more generally intelligent, Canderous (through dialogue options) displays a clear tactical savvy, seeing and seizing a clear opportunity for a swifter victory.

Wisdom seems quite difficult to assess...neither one strikes me as particularly wise...but then Canderous does seem a little more rational at times, such as when correcting Carth on the blame for Telos' destruction.

For Charisma, I would choose Canderous, if only because he was more interesting a character than the quite annoying and very whiny Carth. HK sums him up best in TSL!

Overall - easy, Canderous.

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