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TOR ate my KotOR
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How could this forum allow such a travesty to occur? It could rock the very foundation of all that is right and destroy the very fabric of this forum, nay maybe even the universe as we know it.

How could the wise and humorous one that spouted these perils of wisdom and humor not be one of the very first to be given a Jester’s badge????

Originally Posted by Boba Rhett View Post
You shant deny me my God given right to get all anal retentive about this!

*runs off into the night*
Originally Posted by Boba Rhett View Post
Famous people die in threes. It's a proven scientific fact.
Originally Posted by Boba Rhett View Post
^ Make's me feel funny. Down there and up there.
I charge conspiracy as there is no other explanation to this outrage. I will not be silenced and I will scream to the heavens until this travesty against mankind is correct. I am ashamed of you all! Lynk this will be going into my report!

Ladies and “so-called” Gentlemen we can correct this gravest error, but we must act now before all is loss. Please I beg you to support me in our hour of need and second my nomination. Please before it is too late.

Oh yea, I would like to nominate Boba Rhett for the Jester’s Badge, he is pretty funny sometimes.
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