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Fun way to settle a Vs. fight.

Strength - Difficult to say, Canderous was a Mandalorian veteran with Merc experience; Carth is a decorated war hero, which would mean he's pretty strong too. Probably a tie.
Dexterity - Same as above, though I'll favour Canderous because his Merc experience would mean he's more street-smart when it comes to survival.
Constitution - Canderous, the auto-healing implants make him better hands down.
Intelligence - Neither of them appeared to be particularly bright bulbs. Tie.
Wisdom - Canderous, he engages in some pretty deep thought for a Mandalorian Merc. Also a lot wiser than Carth's constant "I DON'T TRSUT YOU!!!!!!" emoness.
Charisma - Carth, smart, approachable and handsome. Canderous isn't all that bad, though.
Overall - Canderous. Because Mandalorians are kickass.

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