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Melissa smiled, taking Baldur's advice. After all, he was a half-vampire. And he could take care of himself pretty well.

When she and her friends began to follow Harding, she heard Kalvin say something.

"Well damn, if we are going to try and save the whole world can't we at least eat something first. I don't know about you all, but I'll get majorly cranky without any food in me."

Kalvin was right. They needed food and rest so that they could build up their strengths and not grow hungry nor tired. If they didn't get any sleep or food soon, they might collaspe. Melissa turned to Trace.

"So where do we start? Who do we need to talk to about preventing all side from being slaughtered?"

Suddenly, an idea came to mind. "Hey guys! We could go on the News to warn all the species. There's this station where they do News for the world!" All of a sudden, a fearsome roar could be heard. She turned and saw Nick. He became enraged on why she wasn't out of the forest while it became night.

The young woman stepped forward to the Werewolf Nick. "Nick... we... we were heading out of the forest. Officer Harding," she said, gesturing at Harding, "is leading us to the city. Hopefully, we can go to a News station to tell everyone to be at peace with the Werewolves and Vampires. Please, Nick, you must help us."

Melissa stared up at him with sorrowful eyes.
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