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i have in my possession:

1. Jedi Academy
2. kotor
3. kotor 2
4. battlefront
5. battlefront 2
6. republic commando
7. rebel assault 2

...and a dark forces "super sampler" with three playable levels, which i mistakenly included when voting. (hey, it came on a cd of its own. points for effort...?)


^all on pc

recently found rebel assault 2 for 50 cents. but i stink. stiiiiink.
luckily, i hadnt thrown out my old 98, which is the only comp i have capable of running it.

currently passively looking for ep3, and all the old jedi knight games.

Originally Posted by rhett
Galactic Battlegrounds
Dark Forces
Full Throttle
Indiana Jones Infernal Machine (PC and N64)
Indiana Jones Emperors Tomb
Dark Forces
Dark Forces 2
Mysteries of the Sith
Jedi Academy
Jedi Outcast
^ ....

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.

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