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Originally Posted by Allronix
I also have a pet theory that they're still working together in K2, and that they both decide "enough's enough" and go after Revan shortly after K2's end.
Hey, nice to see ya back.

Nice theory. Why do you say that, curiously?
The ending of K2 was a big mess, and I wasn't entirely sure what was going down, so my fanficcer's brain starts filling things in.

So, here's Canderous going off-panel for a good deal of the Telos fight, and while he and his ori'ramikade are sending a message to the Sith with heavy explosives, look who shows up to distract Nihilus...

Someone tipped off Carth, and since I play DSM, it wasn't Mical. Carth is a fairly smart fellow, and so is Canderous. They both had their ears out for Revan, and they both had a lot to lose from the Sith. Keep in mind that when the Sith control the Mandalorians, it never ends well for the Mando'a or the Republic. It would make sense to work together, even if it would have to be so far under the table as to scrape floorboards.

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