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Favourite Poems

Inspired by the cautioning words of our very own resident Rodian, I sought to ask you people of what your favourite classic poems are. Or if you, like me, can't label any of the classics as your favourites, name the poems that you find particularly memorable or important in some way.

Also, you need only name the poems, we don't need complex analyses of their literary merits or anything, though you're welcome to, if you'd prefer.

The Raven, by Edgar "Goth666Vampire" Allan Poe
An absolute classic. The rolling rhymes, the mystical atmosphere, and of course, the delectable beauty of Lenore, doth inspire me to read it evermore, lest the Raven appear and to me declare; "Nevermore."

The Daffodils a.k.a. I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, by William Wordsworth
I had this once in school, and took to it immediately. Beautiful use of language and lucid enough to read without having to spend a couple hours drawing references and metaphors. Wordsworth is a favourite.

All I can think of at the moment, I'm afraid. Will add more as I remember them.

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