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Originally Posted by RoxStar View Post
Everyone has their preferences and I think it's silly to try and wage an internet war based on personal preference.
Im also not sure which internet war you are referring to?? Maybe this one !! >>>>

a large footprint app like itunes just doesnt work for me
Hence, what it does for everyone else is their business, no war necessary

I havent used google docs since finding Adobe Buzzword and all of my games do run independently from a separate drive thanks to some reghacking. As I play games in vista(x64) and am involved in W7(x86 and 64) compatibility testing, its the easiest option, rather than install them across all 3 platforms

Originally Posted by Lexxy
It will have cut, copy and paste in the next update.
I dont know why they didnt put that in from the start...what were they thinking!? The significantly less fashionista winMo and palm devices have had that feature since day one. You actually practise a cut and paste as part of calibrating a winMo device since 2002.

In any event, its good to see they responded to feedback


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