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Post-College: trying to find a job that meets the reqs of your major, getting a low-skill job so you have some income, getting a significantly better job that starts off gold but turns out just to be bronze, and forcing yourself to study various courses b/c you want to get a better job.
Finding a wife: I mean what's up with all these women going out with these jerk-offs. I'm a friggin' gentleman!
Buying a home: Location, location, location...and money, money, money; oh, it'd go so much easier with two incomes (see above).
Getting a speeding ticket...for going the speed that you and everybody else normally goes b/c some a-hole cop wants to prove that he's the sh*t at issuing citations. It's not the ticket; it's the auto insurance.
(Now that you're free to go out whenever)...not having anyone around to go places.

High school's one advantage over college was NOT having real responsibility. College was one of my best times.

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