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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
In all honesty, he may have a source but even when we've used a government's own web page, people have still claimed the source is invalid. If you'll check, he provided a tertiary source, so he provided a source, which leads me to believe he's telling the truth.
This is true. I once used the IRS website as my source and a member said I did not know what I was talking about even though it was right there in black and white on the government's own web site. I really wish I could remember who that member was that said the IRS web site was invalid, although at least now I know it must have been an Atheist, most likely Achilles then.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Cute, but in my personal experience it's usually the atheists that start the baiting and insults, while the religious person ignores them. Then the atheists go a step further and the religious person finally complains publically.

Case and point is the commentary that we've been seeing in the Senate Chambers.[/ started this thread?
Who started this thread?

Perhaps the same person that said a government website was invalid when it disproved their point.

Edited: For those that would like to look at the post I'm talking about instead of just making me out to be a lair. Looks like there are links there to me.

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