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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
This is true. I once used the IRS website as my source and a member said I did not know what I was talking about even though it was right there in black and white on the government own web site. I really wish I could remember who that member was that said the IRS web site was invalid, although at least now I know it must have been an Atheist, most likely Achilles then.
You didn't post up the IRS page if I recall, and that was my bad due to prior experience I've had with you.

Originally Posted by mimartin
Who started this thread?
Though the first post is mine, this thread was split off another thread by SkinWalker, I would have given this thread a different title and started this entirely different.

Originally Posted by mimartin
Perhaps the same person that said a government website was invalid when it disproved their point.
Again you didn't post the source if I remember correctly, where-as the person in the case I'm referring to did. And what I remember from my business law class contradicted some of what you claimed, so at the time since you had no sources posted I was going to rely on my knowledge of the topic.
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