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The woman lead them all back upstairs to what looked like a dead end. Ryan slightly panicked by the thing chasing them was not pleased to see a dead end. He noticed the woman point to a little indent into the wall. Quickly Ryan shoved through everyone and grabbed the indent shoving the fake wall open and stepped out.

"Quickly everyone out. Unless you want to become what ever demons eat." he said slightly panicked trying to hurry everyone along.

As everyone ran through the door Ryan quickly closed shut the door, leaning his back against it. His breath was heavy and labored, his eyes felt like they were bulging out of his head. The woman turned to him, walked towards him making a motion as if to hug him. Suddenly she disappeared and a faint whisper of her voice could be heard through the hall everyone was now in.

"Thank you for coming back, everyone." it was definitely her voice that echoed softly through the hall. As the voice faded away a picture fell off the wall, shattering the glass all over the floor.

Ryan walked over bent down and picked up the picture and looked at it.

"What the hell..." he said to himself as he noticed some strange things about the picture. Before the others could come over to see Ryan ripped the picture from the frame and shoved it into his pocket.

He turned to everyone else saying " So has anyone seen the kitchen. I'm starving."

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