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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Yeah, and I'm saying Tommycat has the reputation that if he says he has a source, then he has a source.
Then where is it?

I could honestly care less if he was a horrible person, or a saint. If he's going to make a statement like "theists graduate more", then I'd like to see proof. You probably would too if I had said "theists graduate less".

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Key word: may

Seriously, you need more evidence than mere supposition, at least when I'm saying your source isn't a valid one, your source has a reputation of tampering with the gathered data, you have yet to present any evidence that demonstrates that fact concerning Tommycat's source.
Tommy's Source? What source? He has yet to give one. I cannot prove or disprove something that has yet to be presented to even existing.

As you ignored in a post a few threads back, I posted the report on the so called "tempering" with data and it was clearly written that there was no evidence of tampering. He was suspended for poor follow up to his research on that particular study. The studies are looked into, and they are reviewed and the review backs me up.

This, however, only has your supposition that it has been tampered with. Seriously, you need more evidence than mere supposition

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
The fact I respect Tommycat and would back him on this has nothing to do with ideology, it has to do with behavior on the part of parties involved. Tommycat just interjected into the argument in a respectful manner only to have his head bit off, his integrity challenged, etc.
No, he interjected into the argument and made a strong statement and then refused to back it up. We have asked him to do such, and he has clearly stated he does not want to.

If anyone took a bite at him, it was himself.

I want to point out, however, that I am not calling him a liar or trying to discredit his character, merely his argument.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
In a pig's eye.
To what? Not looking above?

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Case and point is the commentary that we've been seeing in the Senate Chambers.
So, all atheists are like people in Senate?

Nice generalizing. I'll go ahead and consider every "right wing" to be Ann Coulter from now on then, since she's a "right" that talks.

If you find it offensive, then you can leave. This is a debate forum, and in this forum we debate. I'm sorry if your claim that "god did it" doesn't hold much water with no proof, but if you are going to present it then you of all people should know it can be challenged. The rules allow it.

If you would like to start a thread on god with no challenge to your beliefs, then go to Ahto or one of the other casual boards to discuss. Better yet, go to a christian site and converse with like minded individuals.

If you do not like Skinwalker's sourced accusations of the religious, then debate back with your own facts. You have thus far given supposition, and as you said "Seriously, you need more evidence than mere supposition."

This is not an ad campaign. This is not your campaign trail. This is a debate forum. Either debate, or take your campaign to someone who cares.
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