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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Cute, but in my personal experience it's usually the atheists that start the baiting and insults, while the religious person ignores them. Then the atheists go a step further and the religious person finally complains publically.
If we're specifically talking Christianity, why is the Christian speaking out at all? If we follow Jesus example, he was obedient to death, and was tortured to death. So a guy who (if your a Christian you believe...) had all the power in the universe didn't do anything but pray and speak love at those who were killing him; none of that involves complaining. Indeed much of the NT says Christians will suffer persecution; my 2 cents if, if you are fighting against persecution, then are you really being persecuted in the manner Jesus was? Please note the considerable different between debating (which Jesus and Paul did), and trying to silence those of a differing opinion, which often to me seems to be what quite a few religious individuals try and do.

As a Christian, I would observe that even in the UK which is an awful lot more secularist than the USA, it has been my far more common observation to see atheists getting attacked by the religious than vice-versa.

Furthermore perhaps the question needs to be asked as to why atheists are so hostile to say Christianity, which is a religion which preaches loving your neighbours; could shock horror, there be a reason?

Moving onto other area's I would observe it is also my experience that atheists tend to be the more intelligent. Certainly I would query a study saying atheists drop out at a higher rate than theists as to what the study's definition of atheism is. I've had people tell me they were atheists, and then tell me they believe in God Suffice to say, when such people say things, it doesn't much surprise me that they have dropped out of anything.

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