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Originally Posted by Zwier Zak View Post
Starkiller is dead. And good riddance. JK4 is the way to go. ;]
And what does your comment have to do with this topic? It's still funny to see someone who hates this game and the main character hang out here to just post crap about it, even if it's off topic. Why don't you go find a forum about a game you like and hang out there?

Originally Posted by On_Your_Six View Post
I'm not sure why Galen has to remain the protagonist, or why the "sequel" should be set further along in the continuity. TFU is an ambiguous enough name to neither refer to a specific character, or timeline, may as well keep the horizons open with that in mind.
I agree with this idea based on that fact that you don't have to use Starkiller again to create a sequel. I do like the idea of another game using the game engine they used for TFU and I hope they do have plans for another game coming soon because of it.

Originally Posted by On_Your_Six View Post
I'd just as soon (keeping with working for the Sith idea) like to see the next TFU set in the time of the Sith before the "Rule of Two". It's been awhile since I've read any of the EU stuff, but the Freedon Nadd Uprising (or something similar) timeline sounds like it would make for some great settings.
My idea of a sequel outside of the Starkiller storyline would be a game involving Darth Maul and his role as a Sith apprentice before the events of TPM and watching him grow in power.

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