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Originally Posted by Jenni View Post
The mouse control for selecting objects helped a lot. You didn't have to walk right up to the object to see if the character would turn his head so you can pick it up. That's one of the main gripes I had with LucasArts' 3D adventures.

That, and Wallace seemed to face the same way he did before when the scene changes in the demo. Manny seemed to be facing the wrong way in a new scene a lot in Grim Fandango. I would exit the door, and then I would enter the same door again when the scene changed because Manny was facing towards the door in the direction I was pressing the arrow keys in the last scene.

I'm not against direct control in adventure games as long as it's not frustrating, and from what I've played of the game from the demo, the control doesn't seem frustrating to me at all. Telltale seemed to address my two major concerns of the direct control in LucasArts' last two games, and just as long as the full game keeps that up, that makes me happy.
Ah, ok. I understand now. Though I never had any problems like that while playing LucasArts' last two games myself.
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