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@Garfield: Please don't defend my source. Since it is not available it is not a fair source. If I cannot verify the veracity of the claim, then it really cannot be determined to be valid. I'm just tired of looking for it. I know I saw it. I know what it said. But it isn't fair to claim it is valid without them being able to see it for themselves. If I could remember what I had searched for that led me to 20-30 links to the same study, it would be much easier. They could look at it and pick it apart as we can to their sources. I'm just fed up with the whole "My source is better than your source" BS that goes on in here. So in essence I just said "F" it. I'm tired of playing. Their concern is valid.

I really wish I could find it again. It seemed a pretty good source to me. Links to third party data collection, DOE sources, etc. It was when I tried to open one of the PDF's on that site that the browser crashed on me. I do my searches on my laptop before I copy the links to my work machine. Some sites are not allowed at work.

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