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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
There have been a number of black blade mods which a search would no doubt have turned up. Try the pack from svösh available at the very bottom of this page -
yes i have done my research...and i know there have been black cores b4 but not with a white outline...thats why i wanted to know if some1 could skin it or i can but i need some1 to convert to tga. and then i just edit the name for one saber i want.

For me ill do "w_whitsaber01" and i'll use that as my white saber.

EDIT: Alright i Skinned one and its okay, not bad did in like 5 mins but its good enough i guess, but i need someone to convert to tga and save as "w_whitsaber01". Pretty Please someone!

I'll be gone this whole weekend. Going to bed soon wont be back on till sunday.

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