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I think you misunderstand me. Probably because you haven't read me stating it elsewhere. I do not doubt that torture happened. I am also not one to give torture a free pass in the interest of "preventing Terrorism" in any way. Maybe I'm just skeptical of verbal accounts of torture. Unless I see video of subjects being tortured, I'll still call it alleged. Asking us to prove there is no torture is like asking you to prove no god exists. Keep in mind these are "High Value" detainees. Not Joe Detainee. The likelihood of them having been trained in how to respond to questions about their treatment are very high.

Don't get me wrong, I do not doubt that it may have occurred. How much proof would be adequate for the world that torture is not happening? 24/7 live web cam? Follow your favorite detainee through his normal day. Hey that's actually not a bad idea. Charge $50 a month per user.

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