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Even as a conversion mod, i think the story of this was in many ways on par with TSL itself.

Let me just make some points


Freedon Nadd's Apprentice

A nice angle to work the rationale of the Doctor being a jedi. The only thing wrong is that Tsig seems to notice nothing when the player leaves the tomb. Even just "What are you doing with that lightsaber?" and a simple retort from the player would make a bit more sense.

As to the tomb itself, the tests aren't bad, but i would contend with saying that most of them are nothing but easy fights, one being a simple non-problematic walk through mines. Though early in the game at that point, a bit more of a fight wouldn't be a stretch.

The voice wasn't bad, but i would have left Revan voiceless, or if possible have some one with a commanding voice do his lines.

The tomb you find Revan in fits, only i'd think he would ask a bit more about why you wanted to find him.

The dialogue at the senate is very well written, though with some vocal breaks and a bit more character i'd would be even better.

The Eagle
It was a nice idea to use GOTO's ship as the main player ship, but its a bit more spacious then you'll ever need. Namely since not many large scale events happen on the ship itself.

A bit of a mix of layouts, but it could be said it was a merger of ships from Malachor, held together by the darkside.

The Ending
The ending i liked, even though i only played through the darkside ending. With this, im sure many weren't fond of wasting Revan. Though, Im not one of those. Feels nice trashing the legacy of both a Great Jedi Knight, and a Great Sith Lord, then becoming a Virtuoso Ruler of the galaxy. Though i seriously wish you could have more followers in doing this. Surely those Syyth powers you gain could have some massive influence towards them? Even if it is fun wasting them, seems a bit better to make them see from your point of view, rather then closing their eyes to everything.

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