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Originally Posted by bokkenblader56 View Post
No, Jhredmo, you've got it wall wrong. After all, the movies did take place

If you think that they can actually make a series of games using the original content only, then maybe you should do a little research. If they do what you say, then we'll just end up with a repeat of SWBFI & II with better graphics. Thanks, but no thanks.
What do you mean, "I've got it w(all) wrong" ?

You're saying the movies aren't military/futuristic? Okay... in appearance. You know the only time they compare times is during the intro, but other than that, it's completely ahead of us in technology, so it is, for lack of a better word, futuristic. I think we can handle just using that term, unless you have a better alternative. You don't need to correct me. I've seen a couple of the movies...

(I'm so sorry I used the word futuristic. I'll just say ancient. Does that work better for you, bokken?)

Also, who is your last two sentences directed at? If it's me, you've lost me there. Though I think you're talking about/to joe, I agree, regardless.

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