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Ryan finished picking up and organizing his room. The place now didn't look like a tornado went through and ripped everything to pieces. Slowly he pulled out the chair from under the desk and slumped down in it. His head started to tingle slightly with pain, the onset of a regular case of migraines. Ryan sighed heavily as he reached his hand forward and pulled the picture closer to him.

He looked at it carefully making sure what he had seen earlier wasn't a figment of his imagination, or the adrenaline that was running through his veins. But there was no mistaking it what he saw was true.

"Aiden" he said pointing to a person in the picture "Sam" he continued pointing to another person "Samantha" pointing to another person "Gerris" his finger drifted to another person "and me" as his finger rested on another person.

He looked at the picture completely dumbfounded. He couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on. Ryan thought that Thrill line was playing some sort of sick mental game with them. And if that was the case he wanted to get to the bottom of this.

Ryan bursted out of his room and ran down the stairs towards the living room yelling "Everyone to the Livingroom. NOW!"

He stood in the living room pacing back and forth feeling as if his temper was reaching his limit. Normally Ryan wasn't prone to outbursts like earlier but this place, whatever was going on here was starting to crawl under his skin like a bad habbit.

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