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Originally Posted by Adinos View Post
I read the binary MDL/MDX files. Easy enough for KotOR and KotOR2, but I wanted to handle Jade Empire too, as that file format is quite similar, but I am having some trouble there. If I cannot solve it, I'll just release the viewer as it is.
Wow, so you know whats in there and what all the fields thingies, etc of the meshes ?

See my friend GloveMaster is trying his best to figure it all out and he has plans to spend his summer on getting MDLops finished.

The little program can do a lot already, but certain fields in the mdl and mdx are unknown what they do, what they are and so on...

Where thinking about lightmaps, we need find a way to get things in the second channel of a 3D mesh for that... well and theres the animation bit aswell

Anyway, to cut my jibberish short, perhaps you could help GloveMaster out on develloping a good little tool that can handle everything 3D modelwize for the kotor games... that would be such blast !

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