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The Perfect Bath

Now, if you know either Stream or myself well, you'll know that we are both rather odd individuals.

Earlier on, we were chit chatting on MSN, and I announced that I was going for my bath. I left my desk, and upon entering my bathroom, I discovered that there was a rubber duck in there.

Now, as a strange individual, I naturally found this to be a rather large cause for excitement, so I sent Stream a text, informing him of my discovery.

I recieved a reply, reminding me to get out my back scrubbing brush, and my 'wee toy boat'.

We then started suggesting other items which can make your bathtime experience much more fufilling than normally it would be. On that note, here is Marius and Stream's List of Bathtime Wonders:

*Rubber Duck

*Back Scrubbing Brush

*Wee Toy Boat (MUST BE SMALL)

*A packet of crisps

*A pint of beer

*A cocktail umberella in said pint

*One of those half a cherry things in said pint

*A fag (or any other smokeable object (I cannot be held responsible if you are caught by the authorities smoking a spliff in your bath. be warned).)

Another optional object is a copy of the Bible, as it is rather fun to re-enact the Great Flood.


I highly recommend that you employ the use of aforementioned objects when you next have your bath, as it really was the highlight of my bathtime experience this evening.

Feel free to post your list of favourite bathtime objects too, and we'll see the sorts of bathtime activities people here like to partake in.
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