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Pathetically Easy, yet "Hard as hell"..(Long story about a rare (?) mod)

So, I was browsing the web looking for mods to TSL. I then stumble upon this:

"SWKOTOR 2 Hard as Hell mod"

{Snip} While Nirran is a poster around here said mod includes other modders work and he/she needs to have secured permissions before they are able to release it around here. Until Nirran gets said permissions all links to his site and the aforementioned mod are verboten. Sorry folks. -RH

I have never seen this site before, and the mod sounded extremely interesting. This mod cannot be located on any of the other mod sites, just on this website.

So I install this and start a new game. I go into difficulty settings and see that it has plenty of options varying from "Pathetically Easy" to "Insane". I chose insane difficulty. Everything works fine, I like how Nirran added new feats and such. I go to the first room, get the loot from the boxes... more random loot included in this mod. Containers had about 16 mines/frags per container. I went to the computer, activated Peragus skip mod and went to Kreia. Talked to her, got plasma thing, got to the room before the first droids.

(Oh yeah, almost forgot, this mod configures your experience gain so that you can get close to level 50 by the end of the game)

I burst into the room and die instantly.

Tone down difficulty one notch.

Same thing.

Another notch...

Same thing.

All the way down to "Pathetically Easy"

I go into the room, and start fighting. But their shots quickly bring down my health and kill me... so much for pathetically easy.

I begin using strategy, luring the droids into my mines and finish them off. By that time, I had ran outta mines.


A ton of new forcepowers, and I get to choose 6 to start off with. Lot's of fun.

Tried next room of droids, but it was impossible. I decided to run across to the terminal and then use peragus skip mod to get me warped to Ebon Hawk.

OK, level 8; small set of some nice powers (after begining 6 it went down to 1 or 2 per level). Feats & powers every level too.

Equipped my robes and lightsabers, outfitted/leveled my companions. And then went into Ebon Hawk. I decide to try and kill the 25 enemies myself and not with cannon.

That was a stupid choice, as the enemies killed me instantly.

Did cannon thing.

Fast forward to Telos, where you meet Fake Batu Rem.

All companions level 10, but no equipment.

I spent 36 minutes killing this guy, and it was mostly healing and using protective spells to kill him, stunning him and letting Atton sneak attack him.

His health was at an impossibly high level on "Pathetically Easy" mode.

Fast forward to those 2 thugs berating the guy outside cantina, tried to kill them but they were impossible with their enormous VP.

I don't know what to say... but this mod really seems to be impossible. I am not so keen on spending hours trying to kill one or two npc's because their VP and damage dealing capabilities are in the fricking hundreds.

I realize this is a modified Beancounters mod, but how would i go about just getting rid of the stupendous incredible enemies but retain the rest of the mod.

Hard as Hell, seriously.

Thank you!

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