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Well, let's continue on for fun.

I already made a hypothesis about how Starkiller survived the battle in the Emperor's throne room and to me it was always odd how Starkiller died, yet the Emperor was unscratched.

Anyway, so Starkiller finds out about Luke Skywalker's heroics and the downfall of the Empire and they become acquainted with each other. The thing about using Starkiller again for a sequel game (where he's obviously going to be the good guy here even though he knows how to use the dark side of the Force sort of like Kyle Katarn) is to establish how is he going to be needed. There is no point in bringing him back unless he is needed. How is Luke Skywalker going to be connected in this? It would be smart to use his character and somehow work together in this plot as it will connect audiences well, especially if Luke is still learning more about his Force Powers. Perhaps Starkiller can train with him to help him become stronger, but make it a short part of the plot as you don't want to focus too much on that, but the upcoming problem you're going to have.

Having Luke and Starkiller the only Jedi in the galaxy at the time of the Emperor's death could something to build on.

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