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Images Update

I've been slowly working on a few characters. Here is some eye candy for the ladies, namely Uldir's and Dustil's underwear & Kelborn's standard clothes:
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I've also made another Mandalorian armour. A while ago, I made some logos for Bendak Starkiller, which I sent to LordRevan999 to use. Here, I've made my own version of Bendak's armour; a battle damaged one, and a shiny new version:
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And lastly, a surprise. One of the earliest sketches for this project was a Mirialan named Aria Feara. I've made a head and body for her, which is much closer the original sketch. The main addition is the non-mirrored facial tattoos, and the robe which is similar to Barriss Offee's:
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As always, critiques are welcome. Logan, if there is anything I can add to Aria, let me know, since I couldn't tell if I got everything from the thumbnail sketch. I've only got two more Mando armours to do, including one for you Logan. Once they're done, I'll be able to send all the Mando & Kelborn files to you.

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