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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
If Galen survives, then his sacrifice is completely invalidated, just like the appearance of Sith in post-Episode 6 EU invalidated the sacrifice of Anakin Skywalker.

It is an intriguing idea, but I'd rather Vader and Sidious not look like any more of a pair of idiots than the EU has already made them.
I must agree with this.

Galen never got a chance in the first place. The fact that Sidious jumps to his feet the second Galen's back is turned makes it clear that he was playing dead.
I think this is quite possible. I'm one of the guys who believe Palpy was just enacting when Mace had him cornered on his office, just as the final act to fully convert Anakin to the DS. It's pretty clear that Sidious is the theatrical kind of villain who enjoys playing the role of the mastermind who turns the tide of the battle when all seems lost.

Originally Posted by On_Your_Six View Post
I'm not sure why Galen has to remain the protagonist, or why the "sequel" should be set further along in the continuity. TFU is an ambiguous enough name to neither refer to a specific character, or timeline, may as well keep the horizons open with that in mind.
Exactly. There have been discussions about which already existing character to adopt on a possible sequel or a new one to be created.

Originally Posted by Shem View Post
Anyway, so Starkiller finds out about Luke Skywalker's heroics and the downfall of the Empire and they become acquainted with each other. The thing about using Starkiller again for a sequel game (where he's obviously going to be the good guy here even though he knows how to use the dark side of the Force sort of like Kyle Katarn) is to establish how is he going to be needed. There is no point in bringing him back unless he is needed. How is Luke Skywalker going to be connected in this? It would be smart to use his character and somehow work together in this plot as it will connect audiences well, especially if Luke is still learning more about his Force Powers. Perhaps Starkiller can train with him to help him become stronger, but make it a short part of the plot as you don't want to focus too much on that, but the upcoming problem you're going to have.

Having Luke and Starkiller the only Jedi in the galaxy at the time of the Emperor's death could something to build on.
It must be said that one of the few things I enjoyed completely on TFU was the plot, and bringing Galen from the dead like that reeks of bad storytelling. They'd have to come with a incredibly good excuse to make it acceptable, not only as to WHY he's back in actions but HOW did he escape death from the hands of Palpy.


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