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(I'll try to post more often, stuff came up. )

Aiden was feeling rather out of breath by the time he made it to the top of the stairs. This...this was all real, wasn't it? He couldn't help feeling somewhat thrilled however, deep down. He wouldn't be leaving. Not just yet. This whole thing was quite the adventure.

Walking into the kitchen, the only one following Ryan, he noticed the man's frantic nature. Something was definitely up. He cast a glance at Samantha, who was most likely going to her room, and watched as Ryan opened up the refridgerator. Well, that was fine.

Then he went from the room. Aiden followed as he took the long way around and then went to his own personal room. He listened as Ryan did some cleaning, and then he heard a loud yell.

Stumbling into the room, Aiden saw a very wide-eyed Ryan. He didn't expect this. After all, no one else was behaving this way, and Ryan didn't seem like the kind of person to get so upset.

Briefly, he remembered the time. It would be about 7:00 now, an hour until it was dark. So their meeting in the living room had better not take long.

"Ryan, what's up?" he asked as Ryan made his way to the living room, beginning to pace.
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