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Thanks for all the kind words
Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
Wow, those are amazing!
Originally Posted by ForeverNight View Post
Redrob: Those skins are pretty damn impressive! Kelbourne was well-done along with everybody else you did. I'm especially fond of the new uniform for Carth, the original Admiral's uniform just didn't look right!
There have been a few other good Admiral mods lately. What I tried to do was make the collar a little more believable than the "wide neck" the in-game model has.

Originally Posted by Malpense View Post
redrob41, those skins are really fantastic. It's not just your skinning skills that make your work fantastic, but you've also got a real eye for color combination, designs, art etc.

My hat's off to you sir
It's good to know that my two years of Fine Art at MacEwan College haven't completely gone to waste

Originally Posted by Exile007 View Post
WOW. I love that Aria skin, it's just so well done, I had trouble recognizing that it was Kreia's model. Everything else is great too, I just can't get over the Aria skin... wow...
Good eye . Yeah, I modified Kreia's model to remove her head (hidden actually), and lift the brim of the hood. I wanted the colours to hint at being similar to Barriss, but I didn't want to make the robes too fancy. Aria is supposed to be a lost Jedi, in exile, so she wouldn't want to attract too much attention.

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