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Fortunately, there is one good thing about AIG getting bailed out: not only will it save our economy but the FED Chairman said that once AIG's paid back every dime of that bailout money the FED's going to take AIG apart and sell it on the market.

Also, I'm on a similar wavelength with EnderWiggen. I think the true criminals in this economic crisis is Congress (both parties, but the Democrats in particular since they were in charge when this happened).

I'll cite some examples of their corruption:

1) Barney Frank, a rep., was responsible for encouraging Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to give out the housing loans to people who could not pay them back.
2) Chris Dodd, a senator, was responsible for creating the loophole in the Stimulus Bill that allowed the bonuses for AIG to go through.
3) When the Republicans blocked the passing of the Bailout last year, it sent the stock market down even more.
4) Both the Stimulus Bill and the Bailout Bill contained thousands of earmarks despite calls from some of the few rational Republicans and Democrats to remove them.
5) Do I need to even mention the ridiculous salaries and perks that our Congress men and women get? Corporate America lives the life of luxury, but at least they earned it (well, most at least). Our representatives are elected officials who are supposed to improve our lot, and yet all they do is bicker, waste our money on earmarks, and save up for the next campaign.

AIG --- big time, but Congress has been us over much more and a lot longer.

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