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Hey people,

First post having just found some free time in my life to look at possibly (and I say possibly because who knows when this free time disappears) getting back into the game (lightly though - no late nights for me) and I noticed this post.

I created at least one Tour of Duty for the original X-Wing game that I think would transfer very well into the expanded ships of the XWA game and I think had at least half of another TOD done.

Now I don't know my way around the XWA editor nearly well enough - I don't think I've got past a basic mission in the in-game editor before - but I gave the old X-Wing Editors a huge slice of my time years ago. And the bonus is I charted and wrote out all the missions on paper (with pen believe it or not - that's how long ago this was part of my life) so I can easily write them up into documents and hand them over to someone who knows how to create the missions themselves.

Happy to collaborate with someone/or more than one person - to give you constant gamers a chance to have something new to have a go at - and I'm as interested in the layers of the story you play as the gameplay.

So if anyone wants to have a crack at this stuff - get me on email to talk about my options and if anyone is keen to have a go at this project that I know there is no way I could do on my own - as I just don't have the time to master the editor and then create the missions myself.


Warrick Nicolson
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