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Palpatine: Order out of Chaos

OKAY, so we all know Senator Palpatine, also known as Lord Sidious, was the most evil character the Star Wars Galaxy had ever known...but why? What was the reasoning behind his schemes, his mass murders, his manipulations?

In my opinion, here's how and why Palpatine created Order out of Chaos:

Step One: He started and perpetuated the Clone Wars in order to pump up fear within the citizens of the galaxy. This is called the PROBLEM stage, because this is when the manipulator/puppetmaster creates a problem.

Step Two: The citizens of the galaxy, predictably, reacted with fear and bloodlust, going to war against the sentients they perceived to be the enemy. This is the REACTION stage, which Palpatine anticipated. He knew that everyone was so afraid and so worked up that they wouldn't mind if...

Step Three happened, which is when Palpatine provided a SOLUTION: the Empire. This is when he took over the galaxy in order to keep it SAFE. (not!)
You were only safe within the Empire if you did everything the Sith said.

How come no one saw this, had the foresight to know what was going on?

The beauty of the PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION phenomenon is its subtlety. Palpatine didn't want anyone to suspect his true plans, so he imposed them gradually as time goes. Also, no one really suspects that wars or any other disasters are pre-planned, which made it all the much easier for Palpatine to conquer. Padme was starting to see it, but not completely. That, I think, is one of the reasons why Palpatine was glad that Padme died.

What was George Lucas trying to do by having Palpatine use this strategy instead of a BRUTE FORCE KILL KILL KILL strategy? It makes him more evil and more INsidious if he used the PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION method.

Question: Does this phenomenon ever happen in THIS galaxy? If so, how?
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