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I believe that the phenomenon you stated is only part of his scheme's. For example, he commisioned an army of the Republic in a way with which he would be classified as the Supreme Commander. This meant that though the Jedi lead the army, he pulled the string's. Also your PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION method is partly correct, though the solution is wrong. The solution was that he gained emergency power's and was enabled to stay in office.

During the Clone War's he; Created his own Empire, destroyed the Jedi Order, created his own grand army, gained an invaluable apprentice, allowed the Sith to again rise to power.

He had one grand plot with which all these mean's were accomplished, that is why he was succesful. In fact, the situation seemed only too natural. E.G: In a Republic there is a major war. The Prime Minister (Supreme Chancellor) is given extra power so that he may maintain order. Out of self-defense he comission's an army whom he hold's authority over. The peacekeeper's (Jedi) rebel however, forcing the Prime Minister's hand. He must act quickly to hold together the fractured Republic and so to ensure the Republic's survival he convert's the Republic into an Constitutional Monarchy.

Upon achieving the final 'natural' goal, the Prime Minister become's the Monarch, until order is restored. However, Palpatine altered this natural goal by altering his status to Absolute Monarchy. By the time this was done, however, there was none left to oppose him.

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