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(@ admiral, I honestly hope you don't destroy your house in real life man. I'd hate to see the bill for repairs. lol)

Ryan heard a loud crash in the hallway. He could only think of one person who would be foolish and reckless enough to put himself in danger. Frustrated Ryan stormed out of the living and looked at the wall that how had a nice hole in it. He shook his head as he approached the wall and looked down at Gerris, laying there unconscious.

As Ryan kelt down grabbing Gerris' shoulders and pulling him out of the wall he yelled "Some one want to give me a hand bringing him to the living room please."

Some one was going to have to talk to Gerris about keeping safety and not being reckless because it not only puts himself in harms way, but every one else. Ryan honestly didn't want to have to call an ambulance to have him sent to the hospital.

"Well Gerris. When you wake up your going to have one hell of a choice to make." Ryan said to Gerris knowing he wouldn't get a response.

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