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Atris and Bolook.

Opening Statements.

Atris's fall.

I know what Atton said about the Jedi dying, but is it possible that Atris was that Jedi? What's to say that she didn't fake her own death?

Bolook, the Jedi Investigator in K1

What was his fate, I've looked around and there's no answer not even on Wookieepedia.


I'd put this on seperate topics but I'm not sure if there would be much point in clogging up the forum.
First is pure speculation, second is pure fact that there's no info after the investigation into that settlers death.
First one, there is a story on that has Atris as the Jedi Atton killed, but survived.

Atris's Fall, Questions or points.

If Atris is the Jedi there, then it would be a possiblity on how far back she'd fallen. It's for sure that she'd fallen when she tried to Lure Nihilus to kill him at Katarr and not even turn up herself.

Source for Atris calling the Conclave at Katarr, in information from off Wookieepedia. Not the full topic, just the important parts:

Jedi Master Atris summoned the Jedi she had kept contact with to a secret meeting on the planet Katarr, seemingly to discuss the future of the Jedi Order. Her real intention, however, was to use the Jedi as bait, hoping their shadowy adversaries would reveal themselves. She leaked information about the conclave, which Sith Lord Darth Nihilus received. Before the meeting could begin, he arrived on Katarr and killed all life on the planet, both the Jedi visitors—who comprised most of the Order's roster—and the Miraluka inhabitants. The only survivor of this attack was the Miraluka Visas Marr, who was then taken as an apprentice by Nihilus.
Just as a stab of irony, similar topic so not entirely off topic:

4,000 years later, the Jedi who survived Order 66 attempted to draw the Sith into a trap, with the similarly disastrous Conclave on Kessel.
Bolook questions or points.

I actually got nothing on this guy, except what I put in the opening statements.

This is all that the Wookieepedia article has on him.

Bolook met the amnesic Revan at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine while he was being retrained under the Jedi Master Zhar Lestin. At the time Bolook was investigating the murder of Dantooine colonist Calder Nettic and invited Revan to assist him in solving the case as a means of additional training. Through examining the two suspects, it was revealed that Calder Nettic had been having an affair with the wife of another Dantooine colonist, Handon Guld. Calder was murdered by Handon, who was in turn shot at and wounded by Rickard Lusoff, who had had plans of his own to kill Calder following an argument over a failed business deal. Revan exposed the guilt of both men, and they were arrested and jailed by Bolook.
Nothing on his ultimate fate.

Closing statements.

There's a lot of info on it, if anyone wants to comment on Visas Marr's survival I would love if someone would care to say how the hell she survived.

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