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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
This is similar to your baseless "racism" claim against me. I demand that you either edit your post or demonstrate how I'm being "bigoted" by preferring science in the science classroom as opposed to superstition. If you fail to do either, none of your subsequent attempts to report other members for "flamebait" will be meaningful or deserving of review since this is clearly "flamebait" by your loose standards.
For the record I didn't call you a racist, you took what I said way out of context.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
I'm defaming no one because of their religious superstitions.
You just did it again...

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
I am, however, being critical of those who use deceit and unethical behavior to introduce and sneak superstition into science classrooms and discussions. O'Leary and her ilk do this. Again, this is flamebait and far more obviously so than the ambiguous reports you've provided in the past. If I were to defame other based on their religions, I might suggest that your own religious superstitions permit such hypocrisy. But this is the sort of thing I will refrain from.
Then tell me scientifically how life began on this planet and we evolved so quickly considering the allowable time frame for life to have taken shape on this planet, because evolution breaks down when we talk about how life began.

The Chemical Composition of Amino Acids when looking at the composition of the Atmosphere in which life began is extremely destructive to Amino Acids due to the fact that the chemicals that made up the atmosphere was more reactive to Amino Acid components, than the components of Amino Acids were to each other.

It's basic Chemistry.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
Why am I required to explain it to begin with? Why is it not okay to just accept that we don't know something? Not knowing an answer doesn't mean that I get to inject arguments from ignorance like "god did it," which tell us nothing about anything except the ignorance and superstition of the person making the claim.
No, you're the one claiming there is no higher power, and I'm going to say flat out: "Prove it."

Fact is antimatter was considered to not exist at one time, and it exists.

There is all kinds of things on the subatomic level that you can't observe directly yet they exist.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
I'm sorry for your loss. Everyone has deaths in families. I've recently had my own. This is part of being mortal humans with finite lives. My grandfather is now gone after 9 decades of life. His memory continues but his life is extinguished. His DNA is immortal and will continue. His molecules will find their way to the rest of the world (if they ever escape that abomination of a coffin). It would be nice if it were true that his "soul" (whatever that is) were to go on "living" in some after life, but there's absolutely no good reason to believe it to be true except for my own irrational fear of mortality and death.
Well, problem with your argument is that people have had near death experiences where they've seen various things that scientists can't quite explain. While many brain functions are the result of electro-chemical interactions, there are things that happen in the brain that cannot be explained even still.

I think I'm going to get out the book I have that was written by a former atheist whom started out writing a book trying to disprove God's existence and ended up becoming a devout Christian.
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