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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
You just did it again...
Oh stop complaining. Nothing he did is defaming (or whatnot) to Christians.

Originally Posted by Garfy
Then tell me scientifically how life began on this planet and we evolved so quickly considering the allowable time frame for life to have taken shape on this planet, because evolution breaks down when we talk about how life began.
As one Christian to another, let me let you in on a little secret: no it doesn't.

Originally Posted by Garfy
It's basic Chemistry.
Explains how we know all about the origins of life then.... oh wait, we don't.

Perhaps you've forgotten that the atmospheric conditions of the earth at the time life began are not known? And how the theories of those conditions have changed drastically in recent years?

Originally Posted by Garfy
No, you're the one claiming there is no higher power, and I'm going to say flat out: "Prove it."
Burden of Proof is on You.
Originally Posted by Garfy
Fact is antimatter was considered to not exist at one time, and it exists.
I can do that too: Fact is a flat earth was considered to exist at one time, and it does not exist.


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