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Name: Honso Hasashi
Alias: Specter
Age: Unknown
Rank: Kage
Appearance: Specter
Personality: Specter due to his new form is very brutal. He cares about no one not even himself for that matter. His only goal is to kill all ninja for what they did to him.
Weapons/Equipment: Two ninja swords, kunai with long rope.
Nature Type: Fire and Earth
Hell Fire (Specter splits the ground and fire shoots out under the opponent)
Devil's breath (Specter takes off his mask and shoots fire out of his mouth)
Hell's Kick (Specter does a backflip kick with his feet on fire)
Multi Form
Hell's Portal (Specter creates a fire portal which he teleports behind the opponent and kicks the opponent)
Background: Specter was originally known as Honso Hasashi. He was the best ninja in his clan; however this was soon short lived. Honso and his clan fell victim to Naruto. His clan was completely wiped out. Somehow a small piece of white chakara entered into his soul and gave him life once more. His eyes were now pure white and he took the name Specter. He now wears yellow and black to hide himself but he will stop at nothing to avenge his clan. After years of searching, Specter saw a blue ninja running through the forest. Specter followed him and picked up the scent of white chakara. He hopes that this ninja is Naruto.

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