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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
This is not the first time Matthew Brown has referred to this club as 'for the ultra-rich'. Why didn't Newsbusters make a stink about this back then?

Because they're blowing this out of proportion to further more fearmongering from tin foil hat-wearing conservatives, that's why. Pathetic.
People didn't die in the Club going bankrupt, the story Newsbusters is talking about did. Whether or not you choose to acknowledge that fact is your problem.

Originally Posted by On_Your_Six
I'm sorry, there's no way someone who has defended O'Reilly's reporting can possibly jump to the next topic and comment on what is really despicable reporting. Especially when it's grounded in a made up semantical context. Carry on.
Mr. O'Reilly doesn't go around bashing the recently departed dead, seriously can it with the derogatory comments...

@ RoxStar

You can argue about it being a check, but it was as sure as heck not mate.
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