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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
People didn't die in the Club going bankrupt, the story Newsbusters is talking about did. Whether or not you choose to acknowledge that fact is your problem.
It is not I who isn't acknowledging this fact, it's Newsbusters. Yes, people did not die in the Club going bankrupt, but Matthew Brown did refer to it as 'ultra-rich'. He also refers to it as 'ultra-rich' in this most recent story. So what?

In the story you and your tinfoil hat cronies are getting your panties in a twist over, Matthew Brown simply repeated what he called the Yellowstone Club in a previous story. Given the fact that the Yellowstone club has an exclusive invite-only membership that includes some of the richest names in America like Bill Gates and Dan Quayle, the 'ultra-rich' qualifier is definitely warranted.
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