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Originally Posted by On_Your_Six View Post
You clearly don't watch his segments.

And in no way was I ever derogatory there, friend.

Though I would become highly derogatory with you if you continue to defend O'Reilly after watching this.

Now, I'm kind of disappointed that alot of Sustren's (whom I hate anyways) has been annotated, but whatever, the point is clear.

Worse yet, he was completely unapologetic about his words.

Wasn't someone from an NBC affiliate sued by John Gibson over a doctored video that ended up on youtube, seriously I watch O'Reilly rather frequently and he isn't nearly as bad as you say he is.

@ Rogue Nine

My problem is the fact he brought it up in a story where people died in a plane crash. Maybe you don't care because these people weren't living in a slum somewhere, but in my opinion they were people and you don't go trashing the recently departed.
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