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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
For the record I didn't call you a racist, you took what I said way out of context.
You implied it and this amounts to a claim. You still haven't demonstrated how I'm a "bigot."

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
I'm defaming no one because of their religious superstitions.
You just did it again...
Hello! Party of one! Your table is ready! :-) Just because you find criticism of your superstitions offensive or "defaming" doesn't imply actual defamation.

Superstition - An excessive reverence for, or fear of, that which is supernatural

Unless you're saying that gods are not supernatural (i.e. not part of nature) then you're demonstrating a bit of ignorance to which I hope I've elucidated.

Then tell me scientifically how life began on this planet blah, blah, blah...
Why? This is fallacious in three ways: 1) its a straw man argument -you can't compete with the argument at hand so you construct something that you believe you can defeat more easily; 2) its a red herring designed to misdirect from the topic which is how to spot religious agendas in science text books and the suppression of academic progress and the anti-science messages of dishonest religionists (note, this is not inclusive of all religionists) who prefer to inject their unfounded and irrational superstitions (i.e. the Earth is less than 10,000 years old; evolution doesn't happen; people didn't evolve; & other ignorant nonsense) in place of science; 3) it's an argument from ignorance -you feel that since you don't know the answer to something that it, therefore, must have been done by supernatural means. Pure poppycock.

If you want to start a thread on abiogenesis, feel free to do so. Further discussion of it in this thread is off-topic.

No, you're the one claiming there is no higher power, and I'm going to say flat out: "Prove it."
But I'm not claiming that there is "no higher power" (whatever that means). I'm countering the superstitious claim that such a power exists with the rational statement that there is no good reason to believe in that which you cannot verify or potentially falsify. You might as well say that mxphrvph created the universe and that mxphrvph is worshiped by watching Monty Python reruns twice a week -it makes exactly the same amount of sense and has just as much likelihood of being true as the Christian god, the Islamic god, the Peruvian god, the Hawaiian god, or the gods of ancient Egypt, Greece and Anatolia.

Any or all of these gods as well as mxphrvph might exist. I simply see no good reason to believe they do.

Well, problem with your argument is that people have had near death experiences where they've seen various things that scientists can't quite explain. While many brain functions are the result of electro-chemical interactions, there are things that happen in the brain that cannot be explained even still.
Yet another argument from ignorance. This time, the ignorance is totally yours and shame on you for it. Near death experiences are quite explainable and have been for some time. But again, this is another thread and a red herring. Please start a thread on NDE and I'll happily wipe the metaphorical floor of the Senate with you on it when I post these explanations and the empirical data that accompanies them. Further discussions of NDE in this thread are off-topic. The topic is how to recognize religious agendas in Science textbooks....

I think I'm going to get out the book I have that was written by a former atheist whom started out writing a book trying to disprove God's existence and ended up becoming a devout Christian.
Your inappropriate use of the dative case of "who" notwithstanding (the pronoun "whom" generally only follows a tacit or implicit preposition), this might make for interesting discourse. I would suggest starting a thread on it as I would be happy to know what influenced this person's choices and decisions to turn to superstition. If the author is Alister McGrath or Anthony Flew, I already have some comments to share.

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