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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
That's not what he said and you know it.
Please link to the post where I made a statement that says your god doesn't exist. We'll accept the absence of such a link as implicit admittance that you are wrong.

Saying something is just superstition especially in the way SkinWalker used it, is used in a manner to insult people that believe in a deity, it usually is a means to call people uneducated, primitive, etc.
See the definition of superstitious above.

I actually believe that except for rare instances, God largely lets people live their own lives, it's something known as Free Will.
Which god? Zeus? Apollo? Quetzacoatl? Ptah? Atun? Yahweh? Allah? One of the other thousands of thousands of gods humanity has created -many of which contradict each other in qualities and characteristics? I'm asking only so that we can know where you're coming from. In addition, does your god have the quality of omniscience (all-knowing)? If so, wouldn't that imply that your god knows everything about everything at any time? For instance, wouldn't your god (hypothetically speaking, of course) know that I'd be an atheist? -never mind, I think I'll create a thread on this in the next day or two.

And you can't automatically assume that God doesn't exist either, science is built around testing things in order to disprove something. Can you disprove your existence, seriously prove that you don't exist.
There's no good reason to inject any of humanities thousands of thousands of gods into the gaps of human knowledge. There are any number of things that we cannot assume exist -but this doesn't mean we get to assume these things exist either. Particularly when they aren't even potentially falsifiable. One of the many methods of science is falsifiability. To exist in reality means that something must at least potentially be falsifiable. If it isn't, then there's no point in inserting it into an hypothesis. If invisible, incorporeal and magical green yard gnomes are suggested as a reason for fairy circles in the back yard, this isn't an hypothesis of how fairy circles are made but a fantasy since invisible, incorporeal green yard gnomes cannot potentially be falsified. If, however, it is suggested that an underground mycelium is responsible, this is an hypothesis since one could, in theory, falsify the claim by showing that a mycelium doesn't exist.

Oh you mean like how they thought the Exodus was made up, and there are the remains of Egyptian chariots in the Red Sea?
This is pure poppycock. I'd like to see you try to cite a source for this claim. Fair warning: the last time it was claimed on this forum and I debunked it, someone retorted something along the lines of "what are you? An expert on Egyptian Chariots." Well... as a matter of fact...

I'm an archaeologist, by the way.

Or that supposedly certain cities that were mentioned in the Bible were thought to have been made up, and their remains were actually found?
Which cities and "supposed" by whom (note the preceding preposition)?

There was even something on the History Channel a few monthes ago concerning Jericho, and they may have found that city.
The History Channel, a.k.a. the Pseudoscience Channel, or so it seems these days with their ghost hunters, UFO specials, and "psychic" programs. I'm fairly knowledgeable about Jericho. There's no "may have" about it, Jericho has been known for decades. There were no "walls" in existence at the time Jewish myth and legend holds that trumpets brought them down. In fact, there wasn't much of a city there at that time. There was a really cool silo or tower at the site and a wall, both in a period much, much earlier than the Jewish story alleges, but the wall wasn't a fortification but a short one designed either for flood or animal control.

Again explain the things mentioned in the Bible that they have actually been found...
Like what? Does mention of the Mississippi River by Mark Twain imply that there really was a Huck Finn and that his river raft adventures are factual? Does the existence of Troy imply that cyclops and sirens actually exist because Homer wrote of them? What, specifically, of biblical mythology is found to be true which implies that a deity stopped the planet from rotating for 24 hours?

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