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Originally Posted by Darth Scorpius View Post
Atris's fall.

I know what Atton said about the Jedi dying, but is it possible that Atris was that Jedi? What's to say that she didn't fake her own death?

First one, there is a story on that has Atris as the Jedi Atton killed, but survived.

If Atris is the Jedi there, then it would be a possiblity on how far back she'd fallen. It's for sure that she'd fallen when she tried to Lure Nihilus to kill him at Katarr and not even turn up herself.
Atris being the Jedi Atton killed? I can't see how that would possibly work out. For starters, I'm not a fan of characters coming back from the dead or faking their deaths for no reason. Second, I have serious doubts that Atton, well-trained assassin or not, could capture or kill a Jedi Master who was on the Council.

Besides, the idea of Atris being that Jedi annoys me in the same way as the theories that Kreia is Handmaiden's mother, Darth Nihilus is the Exile's evil half, Malak was Bastila's brother, that guy from the comics whose name I can't remember being the Exile, etcetera do. Let me say it straight: Space is BIG. There are lots of people in it. Not every person you ever hear of will turn out to be familiar. This idea reminds me of people who discuss events that happen in the Prequel trilogy timeline and think that Palpatine is responsible for everything that happens in every single story that takes place in that era.

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