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Originally Posted by On_Your_Six View Post
No, absolutely nothing changes the fact that O'Reilly suggested that it must've have been fun enough not to go to school to remain with the kidnapper and suffer sodomy and various other abuses.
Ever hear of sarcasm, Mr. O'Reilly uses it sometimes, that's something people who don't usually watch the Factor tend not to understand...

The segment had to do with Shawn suffering from psychological abuse, and quite frankly there are other times Mr. O'Reilly points out what other people would argue (such as what you're claiming he was saying about Shawn).

Originally Posted by On_Your_Six
Now, I'm sure you're not rushing out to get the unedited version of that clip to even make a fair statement, because you can't. You simply can't.
Since I didn't get home until after midnight, of course I didn't look for a tape online, I went to bed I have class you know...

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Because he's called it that before? Because it's an accurate description of the Yellowstone Club?
If it was that big of an issue for him he could have left it out of the article because it wasn't relevant to the news story. It's an obituary for goodness sakes.
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