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Did he? Or was he just using it as an excuse to try to take over the world, that's the real issue, based on his "master race" comments it seems that he probably was an atheist and merely used religion as an excuse.
Why does a belief in a master race make him more likely to be an atheist? I'm asking because I have yet to see any corelation betwen racism and lack of belief.

It isn't a could have horrific consequences, it's a does have horrific consequences.
Wonderfull, an oppinion piece.
While I have little love for Dawkins or Harris, this site seems to copy their way of presenting things (like mentioning the 10 000 deaths of the Spanish Inquisition while forgetting that most such killings weren't done by them). It also claims that Communism is a tool for atheists to remove its oponents, while neglecting that at its core Communism is not about removing God(s), it's about redistributing wealth and power, the church, unfourtantely, happened to have both an as such it was targeted.

There are some comments here (from a far-left site) that throws your argument out the window.
Err, no another blog with about the same points. Again seems to go with the "if someone kills someone/orders someone dead, and is an Atheist, they kill, because they're atheists" idea.
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