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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
In fact, his loyalty works well for him in one possible outcome; If the player is dark-sided and visits Korriban last, Uthar is willing to work for Revan if he reveals his identity.
And this depends on Korriban being the last planet, Revan being DS, and Uthar settling with being a servant to yet another Dark Lord. That's not a very promising outcome in the ONLY path where he lives. The other times, he turns on Revan and dies. When does his devotion to the Sith ever lead him to a better future? Not in ANY possible outcome I see... unless he kills Revan and the game ends there could Uthar advance. That's a possible outcome.

Yuthura could very well turn and return to Dantooine to die, but most likely departed Korriban after the assault. Cannon is usually what I would go by and assume that Uthar officially died and Yuthura turned to the lightside. Whether she lived beyond that is not determined.

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